Using reflective scholarship as a portal to improved practice

Greetings #ExtendEast + #ExtendWest– @ontarioextend Extend East and West Cohorts – and welcome to the Scholar module.

When I was thinking about how to construct the Scholar module, it didn’t take long for me to think about the most challenging moment I’d experienced as a teacher during the last few years. Much of my most recent teaching had been as an online instructor in UBC’s Master of Educational Technology (MET) program, which is a fully online experience for students. However, when I was asked to be a guest lecturer for colleague’s face-to-face class of over 150 students, each armed with a laptop, I fretted about how to hold their attention for an hour-long class on the theme of knowledge construction, and also make the experience engaging and productive for the learners.

The situation caused me to reflect on my practice…

This module examines how you can use your classroom and your courses as a research lab to explore how you might improve your teaching practice and positively affect student outcomes and their satisfaction with the overall learning experience in your course.

It invites you to consider research about teaching and learning within your discipline area and provides a process to implement a research plan. This kind of action research is often called scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), and it involves an awareness and appreciation of effective, research-based, discipline-appropriate pedagogical approaches for examining your own practice.

We hope you will use the resources from the Scholar module as a portal to improved practice.